By James A. Henretta

ISBN-10: 0312485417

ISBN-13: 9780312485412

Short and cheap, but cautious to not sacrifice parts very important to pupil studying, the USA provides scholars and teachers every thing they wish, and not anything they don’t. The authors’ personal abridgement preserves the hallmark explanatory powerof the father or mother textual content, assisting scholars to appreciate not just what occurred, yet why — so they’re by no means left considering what’s vital. a special seven-part narrative constitution highlights the an important turning issues in American background and explores the dynamic forces shaping each one interval, facilitating scholars’ knowing of continuity and alter. The narrative is enriched and strengthened via shiny full-color paintings, conscientiously crafted maps, and primary-source positive aspects in each bankruptcy. the result's a quick e-book that, as well as being a superb expense, is a superb price.

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Constructed to fulfill the call for for a reasonably cheap, high quality background booklet, this article is an economically priced model of the iconic imaginative and prescient, 6/e (©2008). The Dolphin variation bargains readers the entire textual content whereas restricting the variety of photographs, tables, and maps. All volumes characteristic a paperback, two-color layout that appeals to these looking a finished, trade-sized historical past textual content.

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In return, kings and princes extracted taxes from towns and loans from merchants to support their armies and officials. This mutually enriching alliance of monarchs and merchants propelled Europe into its first age of overseas expansion. Under the direction of Prince Henry (1394–1460), Portugal led a surge of maritime expansion. In 1415, as a young soldier of the Crusading Order of Christ, Henry Astronomers at Istanbul (Constantinople), 1581 Arab and Turkish scholars transmitted ancient texts and learning to Europeans during the Renaissance and provided much of the geographical and astronomical knowledge that European explorers used during the sixteenth century, the great Age of Discovery.

Xxx Contents CHAPTER 15 Reconstruction, 1865 –1877 437 Presidential Reconstruction 438 Lincoln’s Way 438 Johnson Seizes the Initiative 438 Acting on Freedom 441 Congress Versus President 445 Radical Reconstruction 446 Congress Takes Command 446 Woman Suffrage Denied 449 Republican Rule in the South 450 The Quest for Land 453 The Undoing of Reconstruction 456 Counterrevolution 456 The Acquiescent North 459 The Political Crisis of 1877 460 Summary 461 Connections: Sectionalism 462 Timeline 463 For Further Exploration 462 Voices from Abroad David Macrae: The Devastated South 440 American Voices Jourdon Anderson: Relishing Freedom 442 PA R T F O U R A Maturing Industrial Society, 1877–1914 CHAPTER 16 The American West 468 The Great Plains 468 Indians of the Great Plains 470 Wagon Trains, Railroads, and Ranchers Homesteaders 474 Farmers’ Woes 477 The Fate of the Indians 478 The Far West 482 The Mining Frontier 483 Hispanics, Chinese, and Anglos 486 Golden California 490 Summary 493 Connections: The American West 493 471 464 Contents Timeline 494 For Further Exploration 494 American Voices Zitkala-Ša (Gertrude Simmons Bonnin): Becoming White 481 Voices from Abroad Baron Joseph Alexander von Hübner: A Western Boom Town C H A P T E R 17 Capital and Labor in the Age of Enterprise, 1877–1900 495 Industrial Capitalism Triumphant 496 The Age of Steel 496 The Railroad Boom 497 Large-Scale Enterprise 499 The World of Work 503 Labor Recruits 503 Autonomous Labor 508 Systems of Control 511 The Labor Movement 513 Reformers and Unionists 513 The Emergence of the AFL 515 Industrial War 516 American Radicalism in the Making 518 Summary 520 Connections: The Economy 521 Timeline 521 For Further Exploration 522 Voices from Abroad Count Vay de Vaya und Luskod: Pittsburgh Inferno American Voices John Brophy: A Miner’s Son 507 509 C H A P T E R 18 The Industrial City: Building It, Living in It 523 Urbanization 524 City Innovation 525 Private City, Public City 527 Upper Class/Middle Class 529 The Urban Elite 529 The Suburban World 530 Middle-Class Families 532 485 xxxi xxxii Contents City Life 535 Newcomers 535 Ward Politics 540 Religion in the City 541 City Amusements 543 The Higher Culture 547 Summary 548 Connections: Society 549 Timeline 550 For Further Exploration 549 American Voices Anonymous: Deserted Wives, Wayward Husbands Voices from Abroad José Martí: Coney Island, 1881 539 544 CHAPTER 19 Politics in the Age of Enterprise, 1877–1896 551 The Politics of the Status Quo, 1877–1893 The Washington Scene 552 The Ideology of Individualism 556 The Supremacy of the Courts 557 552 Politics and the People 558 Cultural Politics: Party, Religion, and Ethnicity Organizational Politics 560 Women’s Political Culture 562 558 Race and Politics in the New South 564 Biracial Politics 566 One-Party Rule Triumphant 567 The Case of Grimes County 569 The Crisis of American Politics: The 1890s The Populist Revolt 571 Money and Politics 573 Climax: The Election of 1896 574 Summary 577 Connections: Politics 570 577 Timeline 578 For Further Exploration 578 Voices from Abroad Ernst Below: Beer and German American Politics American Voices Helen Potter: The Case for Women’s Political Rights 561 565 Contents C H A P T E R 20 The Progressive Era, 1900 –1914 580 The Course of Reform 581 The Middle-Class Impulse 581 Progressive Ideas 582 Women Progressives 583 Urban Liberalism 587 Reforming Politics 591 Racism and Reform 592 Progressivism and National Politics 595 The Making of a Progressive President 595 Regulating the Marketplace 596 The Fracturing of Republican Progressivism 600 Woodrow Wilson and the New Freedom 601 Summary 605 Connections: Politics 606 Timeline 607 For Further Exploration 606 American Voices Dr.

12 t PA R T O N E The Creation of American Society, 1450 –1763 Iroquois Women at Work, 1724 As this European engraving suggests, Iroquois women took responsibility for growing food crops. Several of the women at the top are hoeing the soil into small hillocks, while others are planting corn and beans. The lower section shows other women tapping sugar maples and boiling the sap to make maple syrup. The woman at the left is probably grinding corn into flour; later she would add water to make flat patties for baking.

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